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Feb 11, 2009

I Wish I Had Blue Eyes

What kind of color is avalaible for eyes? Can we pick any one from them? Yes, the blue one, please. (Do you think that you can buy it just like you buy soft lens?)

Ehm.... Never mind what it's written above. I just want to tell you that my eyes colour is just ordinary. Nothing special in it. My eyes are black. You know that I am Asian. (but some friends of mine have brown eyes, even my mother's eyes are brown, and it's not herditary to me, though). That's good then. I am 100% ASIAN. At least this is what you can see when you meet me, even you can conclude this at the first time you saw my picture. But I still sure that I have such kind of Western blood, due to what my grandpa's look-like. He really looked like Western people, with his brown eyes and hair (his hair is gray, now), very fair skin, tall figure, prominent nose, and the brown spots in his skin. And it's made me uncertainly believe that I'm 100% Asian.

Talking about eyes, I have a silly story about it. It was happened about one week ago. In my campus, there are some foreigners, and some of them are Kaukasian. When I was queing at ATM, there were two European guys came and start queing. I was paying attention for them for a while. Based on what I heard, I concluded that they're not speaking in English. And I'm pretty sure about it (I know how English would be heard, even with Scotland accent). I was looking at their eyes color, and they were blue both. Although that blue were not quite beauty and enchanting, but probably they were better than mine which are black. Then I spontaneously said, "I wish I had blue eyes" with normal volume, but my friend said that I was speaking aloud. I thought that they would not understand what I was saying. But it seemed that I was misscalculated. They understood, dude. Then they were staring at me. My friend really know well about that situation. And she seemed to be shy to have a silly friend like me. I acted as I was an innocent girl who never made a mistake and as if there was nothing happened. And after me and my friend left, she said that actually that two European guys were speaking in English, just with strange and uncommon accent. But I was definitely sure that they weren't. I'm definitely and absolutely sure, actually. Ha ha ha...


  1. I told ya!

  2. oh God that's frantic! hahahah... and just why on earth did you speak that out?

    fyi, having dark iris color is not always bad. do you know that people with dark iris color see the world better than people with lighter color? so be thankful for yours, girl. haha.


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