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Nov 23, 2009


I swear that I really want some heels. I am so craving for them. And yeah, I just found a cool fashion site (a kind of online shop) that provides very cool and stylish item. The name of the online shop is One of the cool item is the Forget-me Knot Heels as the picture above. It is $159.99. And so yeah, for Indonesian like me, it must be expensive. The first time I browsed this site, I was kind of surprised and excited by seeing so many good stuff. Maybe I could say that all the things that they sell are great, especially the shoes (and its not a promotion). He he XD

And there is another cool fashion blog I recommend for you guys. is a great one. And in October posting, I found another heels that I really want. Here is the picture

She said that the label is Sigerson Morrison shoes. Is anyone of you guys know?