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Feb 17, 2009


I wish I never learned how to smile if I know that it would turn into a warm but feeling cold water came out from our eyes but actually came out from our heart that we call it TEARS

I wish I never feel a happiness that would probably serve me a pleasant feeling yesterday if it would turn into a sadness that devastatingly shred, tear, and broke my fragile heart today

I wish I never ever had a dream at all if I know that all of them are just BULLSHIT and never close to reality

I wish I could never feel anything if I know that this feeling is just the sweet but pathetic and tornful illusory

I wish I never ever had a heart cause the heart never lies and finally it is unfold no matter how hard we try to conceal what it is portrayed and also hidden

I wish I could be an angel so I could come and go to leave this earth and I would never be able to feel any emotions and lustful and desire which become a pride for human kind but at the end become an irreversibly regrettable foolish sentiment for them

created by : myself (blog owner)

when we were down, we might think about this, but we must be grateful for every breathe, heart, love, and life given to us. Nothing more precious than being born in this world.

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