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Apr 8, 2010

Japan Carnival 2010

Yeeeeeeahhh.... Japan Carnival is coming... again, in Margo City, Depok, Indonesia. It's the biggest mall in Depok, though. Last year they also held this kind of event, but not with "Carnival" title. Because the name of the event last year was "Japan Matsuri". So, when they entitle this event with "Carnival", it means that this event would be bigger than last year. 

Not that much different, but maybe it was bigger, yeah, a bit. They had origami contest, yukata fashion show, and as usual Taiko performance, Bon Odori, Cosplay Competition, and Hanabi or fireworks party. Of course plus the Japan apparel, souvenir, and food booth. So, what's new this year? Maybe, this year they invited the "B-boys" to perform on the stage. Well, their performance was not surprising and remarkably that much. I would say that it was so standard when I have to compare with the Korean B-Boys I saw named River Cruise on the Korean Culture Festival.

So, I went there with my colleagues and also the two Japanese guy. Those guys name Kenta and Kei. Shortly, those kawaii guys are my friend. I dressed up "a little" look like Harajuku Style. As you know, this is Japan Carnival. After saw me with this outfit, the gals (my friends) laughed. They said that I supposed to join the Cosplay. But, do u think so?

me with Kenta

The interesting part beside the Cosplay participant was the judges with the Lollita costume that look like a transvertite, haha. You should see how "he" dressed up. I know that it was the part of professionalism as the ultimate figure in this event.

Isn't he kirei? LOL. I couldn't stand to laugh when I saw how "he" posed with his lollita dress and the doll. And the shocking part was after saw him come back to his destiny as a real man. Unfortunately, I don't have the pic, but to be honest he was quite handsome, haha.

After the cosplay winner announcement, there were some shows go on. When Bon Odori would begin, we got out to the mall ground (outside). The committee said that we would break MURI record because this was Bon Odori with the biggest number of participant. Sorry, I can't remember how much it was. So, the important thing was the quantity, not the quality of Bon Odori. (Bon Odori is a kind of dance with Japanese music that done by lots of people). Then you can guess, that the situation was uncontrollable because too many people, and so few dance trainer in front. Even I don't really know how to do Bon Odori without any trainer in front of me. I just moved my body to the right and to the left. Hahaha.

Bon Odori ends, the show was immediately continued with Hanabi or fireworks party. But the Hanabi was just small, only every one there held one firework in our hand, so there were many "small fireworks".

I look kinda hot here :D