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Jul 7, 2014

To Stand Up, To Stand Out, or To Stand For?

To Stand Up, To Stand Out, or To Stand For?

Each of them has its own soul and goal.
If you choose to stand up, you won't be afraid to fail, to be alone, and you won't let anyone to bring you down.
You will keep your head held high, you will take that crap pain killer for your thin cracking heels after you wear your open-toe stilettos,
and you will make your walking stick as your company so that you can standing tall, straight, and balance even when the land collapses.

Let me ask you something.
Is your hair brightly-dyed? Do you put those fake colorful lenses on your eyes?
What about those signature red velvet boots that you wear under your see-through mini skirt?
Who's attention you are trying to win? Or are you hiding something by revealing something else?
Are you happy that they are looking at you now? That your secrets are safely kept?

We all agree that we live with a purpose.
But for who? For what? Under what label?
Some declare that they live for a joy and a laugh, or for love, or for justice, or for dream, or for some bling bling.
Different pattern of reasons on why we chose that to stand for, or to make it more dramatic, TO FIGHT FOR.

And I enjoy standing here, playing, with my straight tall but shivered bones,
and I fancy nice dress and bold lipstick and super black mascara, but I stand for my own freedom,
and (sometimes) other's freedom too as a consequence.
To do what I want to do, with my own way.
And I believe in nothing, no one, but a freedom for happiness.
You might be 'taller' than me, but my dignity can't be understated under any rivalry.

--end of story--


Skinny-fleshed fatty-dreamed young lady