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Dec 26, 2009

Meet my best friend again!!

I was so glad and surprised yesterday when I went to Seaworld Indonesia with my sister, there was something unpredictable happened. When I was looking around in the main tank, suddenly my sister yelled at me, "Nia, that's Norah!"

and then, I looked at the direction where my sister pointed at. And that's right, there's Norah, my Chinese friend. OMG, I was so surprised and I just can't explain how happy I was. Spontaneously, we hugged each other. I really missed her, and I know that she did so. So, Norah is my best friend when she studied Bahasa Indonesia in University of Indonesia, my campus. She rented a room next to me, and that's why we were so close. We didn't meet each other for around 5 months!!! Right after she finished the Bahasa Indonesia course, she went for a vacation to Bali, and she head back to China. She said that she would turn back to Indonesia to work, but I don't know when. And suddenly, I saw her there yesterday!!! I was so happy, even many friends of mine are gone to their origin country (like Korea, Japan, USA, and Netherlands), but my closest foreign friend is coming back here.

After we hugged to share our missing feeling, we talked each other. And she introduced me to some of her working partners, which are also Chinese. And I also met Tao, her Chinese friend, who brought her to my boarding house 8 months ago for the first time. Tao said (as Norah said), that I was getting prettier. LOL. (Well, actually what Norah said was that I always looked pretty). Unfortunately, Norah had to leave the place with her friends, but before that, we share our phone number since both of us lost it! And also we took some pictures together. My friends will be surprised to see this pictures because they also missed Norah as I did. Later, we will hang out together and I hoped that we can have another great times again. Yeah, we will, for sure.

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