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Jul 31, 2009

I won blog competition!!!

Hey hey hey, the title above is true. Yes, I did win blog competition. (2nd winner actualy) But anyway, I was so happy. It was happened around one or maybe two months ago. Freak... Ha ha... I just write it down right now due to tons activity that I joined and divided my brain into meaningless (but now it works so well, I guess) pieces. That blog competition was held by

Around a month ago, they put my name and my picture on their site. But now it seems that they have already removed it. So, in that competition I should write about the importance of suplement to our body. And I guess that I wrote it down on my blog pretty good, you still can find my "winning" posting in it with the title "Suplemen Kesehatan, Masihkah Diperlukan?" In bahasa Indonesia, though. I just wrote it one day before the dead line, and I sign myself up in the competition immediately right after I finished writing that posting on my blog. I am so DEADLINER!!! Hahahaha

But However, I made it, right? Even they sent the prize to my campus. And I had the picture taken in my campus with my campus as the background image. Yeyyyy... They gave me health suplement as the prize, and now I still have them (Pssstttt... I just seldom consume them).
Actually, if only I wrote the article by mentioning or promoting the, maybe I could be the 1st winner. But.... Just thank God for what I've got. Cheers.....


  1. ethen... we won the alnect blog competition...
    both of us won 4Gb flashdisk from them...

    check your e-mail very soon...


  2. wah selamat ya. selamat juga sudah jadi salah satu pemenang kontes review alnect computer. meskipun belum mendapatkan hadiah sesuai harapan setidaknya dari kemenangan ini bisa menjadi penyemangat, menjadi pembakar, menjadi cambuk untuk meningkatkan kreatifitas dan kualitas tulisan/review. untuk menghadapi kontes alnect ke2 atau kontes review lainnya. tetap semangat ya.. jangan pernah putus asa..

    ditunggu komentar berkualitasnya dalam tulisan 'Rumah Impian...'.cheers..

  3. wow!!!! mana hadiah buat aku then???...
    itu hadiah apa to??

    wehehehe... akhirnya bisa comment juga nih..
    mau fuul-in comment nya deehhh..

    hehehehe... =)

    kunjungi blogkuu juga iah...



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