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Jun 7, 2009

Very unique skirt, do you think so?

Just take a look at the picture above. I dunno whether it is one or two skirts combined into one? But yeah, this 350 pounds skirt from Thread Social (I prefer the skirt without the purple anyway) is made from silk, no wonder that it is expensive (for me, but maybe not for you). So, how do you think?


  1. well ,walaupun gw punya much

    money ,yeach then ,gw ga bkl beli tu

    skirt .gw bkl utamain beli T-shirt yg

    bahannya qualified ,ga cpt robek & a

    pair of shoes tp belinya di BM .do u

    know that place in Jakarta ?don't

    ask like "TamPur" or "Pasar Ular"

    .gw rasa kalo beli sepatu yang

    mahal abiiiiies tp ad BM yang

    beranni ngejualnya ,tu cuma dBali

    deh hohohoh !

    uuuupz sorry jane ,gw jadi nulis

    sepatu ,bukannya skirt eheheh !

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